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Angels with a really big truck, and a smile.
mbiddinger - Sept 11, 2010 (posted to Google reviews)

I'll begin by saying that I'm someone who wishes she could do it all. Massive pieces of wood left by former owners of house? Attic full of baby clothes just waiting to be donated? Hideous metal desk in the basement (so heavy that former inhabitants had to cut the carpet out around its feet)? I'd love to be able to haul all of that out to the recycling center. Unfortunately, I can't. And without Dick'll Do It, I would still have all of that junk in my house. I have hired them twice, and have been so satisfied that I totally forgot I was supposed to feel sentimental about getting rid of things. All of the folks who work for Dick are super nice, and he is just a delight to work with. They are totally professional, affordable, and fast, and they are incredibly committed to recycling, which makes me feel even better. My kids are already nagging me to have him back again, and I'm quite excited about all of our extra space now that the junk is gone.

(Thank you note) Dick- Thank you so much for cleaning up that mess! I thought it looked so much better than I expected. They really are a messy lot but when they move out, I'll call you again! Jane

(Thank you card) Dear Dick and Family - I want to thank you for making a difficult job easier to bear. Your family went out of their way to accommodate specific concerns I had. Your attention to detail was most impressive. You did the little EXTRAS that make a job well done. For me the best compliment I could make, was your concern for our environment. You made sure that trash & small items would not be litter on the highway as you left. This did not go unnoticed. Thanks again. My best wishes for you & your family Mrs. Larkson

(Thank you card) Dick & Tamara, Thank you for doing a fine job--you are both hard workers, on top of being respectful, kind, patient & understanding. This task--even making the decision to have the "temporary" shed removed--has been stressful. Clayton and I were married 36 years before he passed in 2006, and we were more in love as each year passed. May you two be blessed with many happy years together--and thanks again--the memories of the "temporary" shed will bring a tear to my eye because of Clayton and a smile on my face because of sweet kids like you. Gratefully, Gloria Sanders

(Thank you card) "A thoughtful act or a kind word may pass in a moment, but the warmth and care behind it stay in the heart forever." Dear Dick and Tamara, Thank you very much. Howie is right- you are "the nicest couple". So appreciated your help! ElizabethJ

John Ruppe says: March 5 We can't begin to say how pleased we were with the service that Dick, Tamara and the crew provided. Pleasant, easy to work with and for all the work they did I would swear there were ten people instead of five. We had nightmares figuring out how we would ever empty the house.
We were also pleased to know that whatever could be used would be going to a second home instead of a landfill. We would recommend Dicklldoit to anyone.
Thanks so much.
John and Marlene











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