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WHY call Dick'll Do It?

*Original junk removal company in the Hudson, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Munroe Falls, Streetsboro, Aurora, Tallmadge, Kent area! Local veteran family owned and operated. No call center. Estimates and jobs are within 24 hours or at your convenience.

*We are a full time junk removal, trash removal, estate clean out, construction debris removal, yard waste removal company. We cater to your schedule/availability because that is our job! We are insured, local and a trusted name.

IMPORTANT: Please Read: In today's economy, "better safe than sorry". Companies that have memberships with reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, have commercial truck insurance and business liability insurance are assurances of safety for you and your family. We strongly suggest to all that whoever you hire for your project, make sure that their credentials are real. Remember, websites can be made in an hour and NEVER prepay anyone for your clean up or tear down job.

Our biggest portion of business comes from referrals. There is nothing more important than knowing who is in your home.

*Being "green" is a whole way of life for our company/family. We don't just say it to get business, we live it! If you would like to get or give ideas on living a healthier and more giving life, we'd love to talk!

Dick'll Do It will meet with you to discuss the easiest and most economical way to complete your task. Having had 36 years experience in removing junk & stuff, Dick has the voice of experience and remember the old expression "safety in numbers!

It's so simple! We answer 24/7 and if we happen to miss a call, we'll call back in a timely manner. Your business won't be referred to another company and you won't have to talk to several different people just to get an estimate. We have the manpower, trucks and trailers to handle volume.

Pricing- Every job is unique in its own. Dick's philosophy is "a quote unseen, is an unfair quote".

Why does Dick want to save you expenses in your estate liquidation or junk, trash, yard or construction debris removal project? We look at our customers as friends and we want you as our customer for life! All the stages of life consist of rearranging, organizing and getting rid of junk & stuff. Dick'll Do It will be there to help you through each one. We grow with our customers whether the phase is at your home or business.

Participant in the Summit County Green Task Force, Member Stow Chamber of Commerce and endorsed by WNIR Howie Chisek

Participant in "Learn Green, Live Green", Ecovillage at the Akron Home & Garden Show, Summit County's Green & Clean, Stow-Munroe Falls Community Expo, Stow Clean Up Days & Stow Adopt a Spot

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